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Choosing the Best Custom Cutting Board Material for Your Needs

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At Cutting Board Company, we pride ourselves in creating the perfect custom cutting boards for your kitchen with minimal effort on your part. All you need to do is choose the material and size of cutting board that you need. Below we’ll give you the low down on each of our best-selling cut-to-size cutting board options so you can choose the right boards for your space.

Plastic Cutting Boards

Plastic cutting boards are extremely important to use in a commercial kitchen setting for several reasons. One highly useful factor is that these boards are made to be purchased and organized by color. Plastic cutting boards follow a universal color code based on the type of food item you’re cutting on each board. Color assignment to different types of food prevents cross contamination between meats, seafood, vegetables, etc. Plastic cutting boards will keep your kitchen safe and colorful.

Another very important characteristic of these boards is that they make clean-up easy and efficient - which is necessary in a fast-paced kitchen. All of our custom plastic cutting boards can be easily thrown into a dishwasher for an easy deep-clean. This makes plastic cutting boards much more manageable in commercial kitchen than any wood cutting board. Overall, plastic boards are best for preventing bacteria buildup and foodborne illnesses in a culinary space. Start building out your plastic cutting boards here.

Richlite Cutting Boards

Richlite is a magic material for many reasons. Richlite is loved by chefs all around the world due to it’s durability and high heat tolerance. Richlite boards can come in direct contact with temperatures up to 350º without damage making them perfect for all types of cooking, especially when placed close to a grill or stove. You can even place a hot pan directly on a richlite cutting board with no damage! Plastic cutting boards may seem like a no brainer in an industrial kitchen, but a few close encounters with high heat could leave you with a warped and melted cutting board.

One great characteristic of Richlite is that it is a non-porous surface making it harder for food particles, juices, and other debris to be absorbed into the board which can cause bacteria build up. Because of it’s natural ability to repel bacteria, it is highly favored by the National Sanitization Foundation (NSF). Richlite is also more resistant to scratching and damage than other cutting board materials which also stops bacteria build-up. The strength and durability of Richlite is unmatched and is guaranteed to withstand high usage in a commercial kitchen. If Richlite is the cutting board material for you, start creating your custom boards here.

Bamboo Cutting Boards

Our custom bamboo cutting boards are very popular due to their beauty and functionality. One redeeming quality of bamboo is it’s water resistance. Because bamboo absorbs less water than other types of wood, it will warp and crack less than other types of wood when in contact with water and other liquids. This also keeps food odor from sinking deep into your cutting boards which can happen quickly to other types of wood if not cared for properly.

Bamboo cutting boards are easy to clean - just rinse with soap and warm water after each use and apply mineral oil to the surface often for best results. Bamboo boards are also more manageable to clean due to their durability and resistance to cuts and scratches on the surface. This will keep food debris out of the board and prevent bacteria buildup and foodborne illness making bamboo another safe and hygienic option for your kitchen. Is bamboo the right material for you? Browse custom bamboo cutting board options here.

While each off these cutting board types has different benefits, we would recommend a mix of each to use for different purposes. Regardless of the material you choose, Cutting Board Company makes it simple to create custom cutting boards in the size you need for your kitchen - whether it’s commercial or residential. Click here to check out our cut-to-size boards and find the perfect one for your kitchen needs! If you have any questions regarding the best cutting boards for your kitchen, feel free to contact us at info@cuttingboardcompany.com.