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Personal Protection Equipment


Solutions for Slowing Down the Spread of COVID-19

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is used every day by healthcare personnel (HCP) to protect themselves, patients, and others when providing care. PPE helps protect HCP from potentially infectious patients and materials, toxic medications, and other potentially dangerous substances used in healthcare delivery.

PPE shortages are currently posing a tremendous challenge to the US healthcare system because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Healthcare facilities are having difficulty accessing the needed PPE and are having to identify alternate ways to provide patient care.

CDC’s optimization strategies for PPE offer options for use when PPE supplies are stressed, running low, or absent. Contingency strategies can help stretch PPE supplies when shortages are anticipated, for example if facilities have sufficient supplies now but are likely to run out soon. Crisis strategies can be considered during severe PPE shortages and should be used with the contingency options to help stretch available supplies for the most critical needs. As PPE availability returns to normal, healthcare facilities should promptly resume standard practices.

Check out Cutting Board Company's Reusable Face Shields and Face Masks below!  The Face Shields are manufactured in the great state of Georgia using PET plastic, an antimicrobial foam headband, and a high quality elastic strap.  We carry two types of masks: standard and premium.  The Standard Face Mask is made with black cotton material and is machine washable indefinitely.  The Premium Face Mask is made with a light blue viscose material (similar to rayon) and includes an antibacterial mid-layer - this mask can be washed roughly 10 times.  All three of these items (the shield and two masks) are great solutions for fighting the spread of COVID-19.

If you have any questions - don't hesitate to reach out.  We're available via phone at 866-247-2409, via chat by clicking the chat widget in the bottom right hand corner of the site, or via email at [email protected]!

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