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Cutting Board Wax for Butcher Blocks and Wood Countertops 12oz

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Made in the USA
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  • Special formula for maximum protection
  • Food safe, exceeds FDA regulations
  • Ideal for all types of wood products
  • Seals in oil to prevent wood cracking

Ideal for adding an extra layer of protection for your cutting boards. We recommend using cutting board wax regularly to maintain and protect your board as an added step after regular oiling. Our cutting board wax is food safe and made from a combination of beeswax, carnuba wax, and mineral oil.

Protecting and restoring the wood finish on cutting boards, butcher blocks, wood utensils, counter tops, salad bowls and more, our cutting board wax keeps your cutting boards looking shiny and new. The soft wax finish fills in small cracks and and scratches to keep out bacteria and simultaneously prevent water from penetrating the board. Serving also to seal in your mineral oil our special blend helps prevent wood from drying out and splitting.

We highly recommend use of both cutting board oil and wax together for best results.

Edge and Corner Options

  • Standard-Standard

    Standard Edge, Standard Corner

    Straight edges and straight corners. Looks like most standard cutting boards.

  • Bullnose

    Standard Edge, Rounded Corder

    Rounded corners are nice for cutting boards that are handled multiple times a day and moved around. No more poking shins and hips. Great for commercial kitchens.

  • Unfinished

    Rounded Edge, Standard Corner

    Rounded edges are great if the board is a bit larger than the countertop. The board can stick out and rub against the body, so rounded edges can relieve the sharpness.

  • Unfinished

    Rounded Edge, Rounded Corner

    This is the real deal. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, rounded edges and corners provide the most comfort for those who use cutting boards frequently. Easy to handle, and no pokes!

Juice Grooves

  • Also commonly referred to as juice troughs, juice grooves are one of our most requested customizations. We simply route a small trough around the perimeter of your board to catch drippings from carving meat.

    Cutting Board with Juice Groove
Made in the USA
Satisfaction Guaranteed