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High Density Polyethylene Sheets
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Our High Density polyethylene Sheets come in the following sizes:

Sizes & Colors Available
(All sizes are Approximate. Rough cut)

Natural (white)

High Density Polyethylene Sheet 1/2" thick: 48"x96", 48" x 120", and 60"x 120"
High Density Polyethylene Sheets: 3/4" thick 48"x 96"
High Density Polyethylene Sheet: 1" thick 48"x 96"

Blue, Green, Yellow, Black, Beige, Red
Each High Density Polyethylene Sheet is 1/2" thick and come in: 48"x 96", 48"x 120" or 60"x 120"

As plastic is a petroleum based product, prices can fluctuate with the volatile oil market. Please call us for today's best price.


You can also fax in your request to (908)-725-6074.





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