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Bamboo Cutting Boards

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End Grain Bamboo Cutting Boards

End Grain Bamboo Boards


Edge Grain Bamboo Cutting Board

Edge Grain Bamboo Boards


We sell Bamboo Cutting Boards of 2 different processes.  Here are the differences:

End Grain Bamboo Cutting Board:

Bamboo is cut, and stacked with the grain facing “up”, this allows your knife to slide into the end of the grain, thus preserving the knife edge, while also allowing the board to stay looking great for a longer period of time.

Edge Grain Bamboo Cutting Board:

Bamboo is cut, and put sideways, so that the grain runs down the board. The end of the grain, is actually at the 2 sides of the board. This board will look sharp, and will hold up well. The knife will make marks in the board, but mostly the knife is still sliding in the grain.

Bamboo is a great alternative to wooden cutting boards, (bamboo is actually a grass). Bamboo can grow to harvest height in as little as 3 years. It continuously sends out new shoots, so it does not need replanting after harvesting. As such, it is a nice renewable resource, as it can take 50-75 years for a Maple tree to be big enough to harvest for cutting boards. Bamboo is also 15% harder than Maple. They make very nice, durable cutting boards.

Please keep in mind, that ALL of our Bamboo products are hand made. As such, no 2 bamboo cutting boards will be perfectly identical. Sizes are approximations. There will certainly be color variations, from the pictures on the website, as the darker colors are produced by cooking (steaming) the bamboo, whereas the natural sugars caramelize and turn the bamboo a nice dark brown. These colors will never fade or run, but as I have said, no two cutting boards, will have the same exact color variations. Each bamboo cutting board, especially the end grain bamboo cutting board, are put together piece by piece. Each one, hand glued, and as such, you may see some small glue remnants that missed the inspections prior to shipping. All that this takes is a small piece of sandpaper to smooth it out, as your bamboo board is fine to sand down.

Why buy from us: You will be hard pressed to find such nice cutting boards ANYWHERE, especially at our direct to you pricing. Our AnJi Bamboo Cutting Boards, are too nice for you to hide away in a closet. You will want to show these off in your kitchen, as well as it will soon become a favorite.