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With cutting board sales greatly affected by the coronavirus we noticed there was a void in the market for solutions to combat the coronavirus.  Our team quickly pivoted and started manufacturing Personal Protection Equipment (including reusable face shields and cotton/viscose face masks) and Retail Barriers, Sneeze Guards, Plexiglass Shields (including hanging checkout sneeze guards, desktop barriers and intubation boxes) to fill a void in the market.

Whether you're an individual trying to stay healthy or a business owner getting their facility ready to open their doors to the public, Cutting Board Company has what you need!  If you aren't finding what you're looking for feel free to chat with us by clicking the chat widget in the bottom right hand corner of the page or by calling us at 866-247-2409 or by emailing us at [email protected]

All our COVID-19 Solution products can be found below but if you're looking for something specific check please navigate to the sub-category of your choosing.  The Personal Protection Equipment sub-category will have items to keep you as an individual safe from the spread of COVID-19 such as reusable face masks and face shields.  The Retail Barriers, Sneeze Guards, Plexiglass Shields sub-category will have items that will help employees maintain social distance and physical separation from customers sneezing or coughing.

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