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BUILD YOUR OWN Reusable Face Shield - 48 Pack

Your Price: $144.00
Ships in 3-5 Days!


Help give back to those in need or support your company in the safety and comfort of your own home.  You will be set up just like our factory and this kit includes everything you need to create 48 reusable face shields (incase you "fudge" up on a couple, we've included materials for 2 more face shields, so you'll be able to make 50 if you make no mistakes!).

Each kit includes:

  • 1x Box - The box the kit arrived in - can be used to ship or transport the finished product
  • 1x Instructions - Step-by-step assembly instructions with web addresses/QR Codes that link to "how to" videos
  • 2x 2'x6' Sheets of Craft Paper - Covers your table during assembly to prevent damage to the shields
  • 1x 13" Adhesive Backed Foam - Used as a guide to cut the elastic into 13" lengths
  • 2x Pairs of Gloves - Keeps masks fingerprint/smudge free
  • 50x Face Shields w/ Foam Header - Clear plastic shield material, cut to shape and wiped clean with foam header adhered to the shield
  • 1x 55' of Elastic - Keeps the face shield secure when wearing
  • 1x Scissors - Used to cut the spool of elastic into 13" lengths
  • 1x Stapler - Used to attach the elastic band to the plastic face shield
  • 300x Staples - Attaches the elastic band to the plastic face shield, we recommend using 4 staples per mask (2 on each side) but the more the merrier!
  • 50x Made in USA Stickers - To be stuck to the front of the face shield showing this item was Made in USA, now that's patriotic!
  • 2x Microfiber Cloth - Used to wipe clean the product after assembly to ensure quality
  • 37x Tissue Paper - Inserted between face shields to prevent scratching during shipping or transport
  • 13x Clear Packaging Bags - Each bag holds 4 face shields
  • 13x Product Insert Cards - To be included in each bag of face shields telling what it is, who made it, and where it was manufactured with an uplifting message.

Instructions for this kit can be found HERE!

Face shields are an important piece of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). These face shields provide over the top, side, and front face protection against splash and splatter of fluid-borne pathogens.

Applications include:

  • Medical
  • Health Care
  • Grocery Stores
  • Food Service
  • Anywhere close contact occurs

Additional Product details:

  • Over the top, side, and front face protection
  • Optical grade
  • Can be worn over prescription eyewear and face masks
  • Solid foam band with elastic strap
  • Protects against splash and splatter of blood-borne pathogens
  • Maximizes airflow
  • Non-sterile
  • Lightweight - 1.5 ounces
  • One size fits most
  • Face shield measures approximately 13" W x 8" H
  • Proudly made in the USA

Face Shields are a better solution for the coronavirus than face masks

plus-circle-solid-green-15.png Pros minus-circle-solid-red-15.png Cons


Face Mask


Face Shield

plus-circle-solid-green-15.png Can create a complete-or near-complete seal on sides of
the face

minus-circle-solid-red-15.png Open on the sides-providing some possibility for aerosols
small particles to float in

minus-circle-solid-red-15.png Difficult to disinfect at home plus-circle-solid-green-15.png Easily disinfected with household cleaners
minus-circle-solid-red-15.png Requires specific machinery for production plus-circle-solid-green-15.png Easy for manufacturers to produce
minus-circle-solid-red-15.png Difficult to communicate or talk to others in plus-circle-solid-green-15.png Makes lip reading possible for the deaf/hard of hearing
minus-circle-solid-red-15.png Limited durability plus-circle-solid-green-15.png Easily washed or re-used
minus-circle-solid-red-15.png Requires touching your face to put on or adjust plus-circle-solid-green-15.png Prevents wearer from touching their face
minus-circle-solid-red-15.png Not comfortable, difficult to breathe in plus-circle-solid-green-15.png Comfortable to wear and breathe in
  plus-circle-solid-green-15.png Reinforces the importance of physical distancing

 We have re-tooled our part of USA production facility to manufacturer and assemble these products and provide quick turnaround time for small and large quantities. Please note these are designed to be disposable after multiple uses.  Dimensions and materials may vary slightly as we are sourcing components from multiple suppliers due to shortages of supplies nationwide.

To safeguard our employees and customers, we are not accepting returns at this time. All sales are final.

Need a kit that makes more than 48 reusable face shields?  Fill out the form below and we'll get back to you ASAP with pricing and availability!



Cutting Board Company Face Shield Disclaimer of Liability


We make no warranty or fitness for a particular use or reuse and the wear bears all risks for the use of this product. We are furnishing these face shields on a "as is" basis and we disclaim any and all liability for their use or suitability for the purpose of protecting the wearer from disease. Wearer should undertake their own testing or evaluation to decide if our face shield is suitable for their application. The wearer should also make their own determination to discard after each use or clean and reuse. Cutting Board Company will not bear any liability nor accept any incidental or consequential liability or losses associated with the use of the face shield.


Edge and Corner Options

  • Standard-Standard

    Standard Edge, Standard Corner

    Straight edges and straight corners. Looks like most standard cutting boards.

  • Bullnose

    Standard Edge, Rounded Corder

    Rounded corners are nice for cutting boards that are handled multiple times a day and moved around. No more poking shins and hips. Great for commercial kitchens.

  • Unfinished

    Rounded Edge, Standard Corner

    Rounded edges are great if the board is a bit larger than the countertop. The board can stick out and rub against the body, so rounded edges can relieve the sharpness.

  • Unfinished

    Rounded Edge, Rounded Corner

    This is the real deal. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, rounded edges and corners provide the most comfort for those who use cutting boards frequently. Easy to handle, and no pokes!

Juice Grooves

  • Also commonly referred to as juice troughs, juice grooves are one of our most requested customizations. We simply route a small trough around the perimeter of your board to catch drippings from carving meat.

    Cutting Board with Juice Groove