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18 x 24 Black Cutting Board

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18" x 24" Black HDPE Plastic Cutting Board - 1/2" Thick

This Cutting Board is made of Super High Density Polyethylene Plastic. The cutting boards are Commercial Dishwasher Safe, including the spike temp that exceeds 185°. They are the most dense board you can buy that will not dull your knives. They are USDA, FDA NSF listed and approved by the Canada Dept. of Agriculture.

Not the size you're looking for? No problem, we can custom make any size cutting board you need! Be sure to check out our custom cutting board options.


  • 1/2" thick plastic cutting board
  • NSF, FDA and USDA approved
  • Stain resistant cutting boards
  • Warp resistant
  • Non-absorbent
  • Resistant to bending, chipping and cracking
  • Multi-purpose & hygienic

Additional cutting board uses outside the kitchen

  • Reef tanks - Line the bottom of your reef tank with one of our polyethylene boards. It helps to protect the bottom of your tank in the event that you drop something on it while setting up/moving your tank.
  • Cleaning Fish - Fish cleaning stations and bait boards, we custom make any size board for the smallest of bait to the largest of fish.
  • Woodworkers - Use custom cutting boards as slippery stock, (infeed/outfeed tables) machines like wood-call for small scrap pricing.
  • There's No Limit - There's really no limit on what our cutting boards can be used for!


Edge Options

  • Standard


    The most popular, the edges of the board are square and have been finshed (deburred) so they are safe to handle.

  • Bullnose


    We will round the edges so they are not square, often referred to as rounded.

  • Unfinished

    Unfinished (Saw Cut)

    Not very common, this is just like it says. No finishing, edges are sharp. Typically people use this option in custom applications.

Corner Options

  • Standard


    The most popular, the corners are square (90 degrees) and have been finshed so they are safe to handle.

  • Rounded


    The corners are rounded at about a 1/2" radius.  Typically people will round the corners if they walk past the board often in a commercial kitchen.

  • Unfinished

    Unfinished (Saw Cut)

    Not very common, there is no finishing and the corner is sharp.

Juice Grooves

  • Cutting Board with Juice Groove

    Also commonly referred to as juice troughs, juice grooves are one of our most requested customizations. We simply route a small trough around the perimeter of your board to catch drippings from carving meat.